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DTF Transfers - Build Your Gang

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Alternative Text Description

How to Build Your own Gang Sheets? 


- Choose the size you want to build. (Size can be changed later on in the builder, if you see that your gang sheet will be larger than what you have initially anticipated)

- Click on the 'Build Your Gang Sheet'

- You will be directed to our Gang Builder. If you are not familiar with our builder, there is a tutorial just for you! Watch it and start building your gang sheets!

- After your gang sheet/sheets is/are completely ready, with the backgrounds all removed. You can go ahead and follow the instructions, to confirming the gang sheet building process.

-After confirming your sheets, you will be directed to your Cart with the corresponding sheet size already added to your Cart. 

- Checkout at your convenience!

- Precision and Quality of the transfer is totally dependent on the images uploaded. We love printing high resolution, vivid, vibrant projects!

Features of Building Gang Sheets

  • Printed with the highest quality inks, film, and TPU powder to give you the brightest whites and colors on any type, material, color, or stretchiness of garment. 
  • Our process and materials provide you with increased durability, stretchability, and stands up to the toughest wash tests. 
  • Every order is reviewed by one of our professional designers to check proper and optimized printing. 
  • Every order is printed with utmost care and attention to detail. 


In alignment with our rules and policies, WE CANNOT print images that are trademarked, copyrighted, and watermarked images without explicit written permission from the copyright or trademark owner. If any such images are found in your order, they will be removed and not be printed. In cases where the entire order is composed of such images, the order will be canceled and a refund issued. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you do have the necessary permissions, please email the written proof to support@dtfnc.com.

Alternative Text File Format
  • Preferred Uploaded File Format is PDF (Width of the Canvas Has To Be 22"). PNG is fine too.
  • Transparent Background Is A Must
  • Resolution : 300 DPI
  • Our Printers Are Designed To Print With Ultimate Precision and Jawbreaking Quality, We Will Print What You Upload. Make Sure To Have High Quality / High Resolution Artwork Uploaded.
Alternative Text Heat Press Settings

1st Press

Apply FIRM PRESSURE at 300-315 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-13 seconds with the image in theproper placement.

Experiment with your heat press for optimal results.

Our films are Cold Peel.

- Cold Peel : Let the transfer cool completely before removing the film. This is our most PREFERRED peel method.

2nd Press

Heat Press with FIRM PRESSURE 3-5 seconds. Heat settings will vary depending on the material of the apparel/item.

FIRM and EVEN pressure is important for good
adhesion. Avoid any pockets, seams, buttons, zippers, etc. within the press

The above instructions are for Cotton and Cotton/Polyester blends.

For 100% Polyester Lower
the temperature to 250-275 degrees and shorten the press time to 7-8 seconds.
Practice to determine the best time, temperature, and pressure.

As DTF can be applied to many surfaces, each surface may require a different heat and time under pressure settings. Please get in touch with us if you have any question.

E-Mail : support@dtfnc.com

Call/Text : +1 980 384 3166

Alternative Text Durability & Wash

At DTFNC, we take the quality of our transfers very seriously. We understand how important it is for our customers to have long-lasting and reliable prints, which is why we put our products through rigorous testing. Our transfers have been tested on a wide range of garments and subjected to multiple washer and dryer cycles. We are proud to say that our ink has endured the toughest of wash cycles and we have achieved exceptional results with up to 60 wash tests before any degradation is seen.

Alternative Text Shipping/Return

All orders ship within 24 hours. We offer expedited shipping options at checkout.

Orders that are $100+ gets free First Class Mail Shipping.

Cut Off Time : 2 PM (Eastern Time)

Orders before 2 PM ships same day.

Orders after 2 PM ships next day.

If you have an urgency, please reach out, we do not have any charge for rush orders.

As everything is print on demand, we have a 'No Return' Policy. This does not mean, we are not behind our service. We will do our absolute best to provide vibrant, high quality, precise transfers.

Alternative Text Our Promise

We take pride in the quality of our transfers and we're committed to your satisfaction with every purchase. If you encounter any issues with our transfers, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is always ready to assist and resolve any concerns you may have.

Customer Reviews

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L Gardner
Quick and Easy

I needed to order several prints. I used the gang sheet tool - SUPER easy to use!! I placed my order on a Thursday, had the prints on Monday and finished products delivered on Tuesday - Job finished in less than a week - AWESOME!! (I live in Indiana) The prints are vibrant, exactly what I needed and SUPER easy to apply. I will definitely be ordering from DTF North Carolina again. Above expectations!! Nice job DTF North Carolina!!

TaeShondrea Sumpter
Best Services

Anytime I order, my order is delivered the next day. Fast services and great quality.


I’m hard to please when it comes to literally anything. They surpassed my expectations. I’m on my fourth order in two weeks. They definitely kill the competition.

Jon Ruff
Extremely happy with turnaround time, quality and customer service.

I have completed 2 orders to date and intend to create weekly orders moving forward.

Alexia Williams

Great turnaround time!